We kindly invite you to read the latest issue of Poznań Fair Magazine – “Calendar of trade shows 2015”. Magazine is available on paper and on-line. We write about Polish economy and upcoming trade fairs for almost all industries. Find out what we can do for you in making promotional strategies.

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SIS (Selective Inhibition Sintering) is a new method of additive manufacturing. Until now it has been restricted to the industrial production, but thanks to SIS it can become more accessible and hit the consumer market.

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On 4th December at 18:30, a Christmas tree with a lot of lights and Christmas ornaments will be placed in front of the PIF main entrance. On this occasion, PIF will have a special St. Nicholas' Day present for Poznań inhabitants - a concert of Christmas songs in contemporary arrangements and contests with prizes.

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MACH-TOOL: 9-12.06.2015


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